7 Best Term Savings at Bank Indonesia in 2022

Savings as the most useful thing for various purposes suddenly. Not only that, by saving this means you are planning various needs or interests for the future. There are several steps to saving, including by using the best term savings at the bank in 2022.

Term savings is the best step, especially for those of you who find it very difficult to save. You know, setting aside money is a difficult thing and sometimes the money you have is used up to buy things that are not important.

Using bank savings is one of the steps you can take to save except for collecting money in a piggy bank manually. But, why should term savings? And what exactly is term savings?

If you still have some of these questions in your mind, then don’t worry because I will answer them below.

Term savings are savings products issued by banks. In other words, a term savings is a type of savings that when saving has a certain period of time.

When you become a customer and take part in this term savings account, you must therefore submit a fixed amount of funds each month until the time period expires. Besides that, you also cannot take your balance before the savings period is over.

From the master savings account, funds will be automatically withdrawn (auto debet) until the money is collected as originally targeted.

Impressive as requested, but it is for your own good and helps you in planning for your financial needs in the future. The mechanism of term savings is almost similar to investment.

The amount of money that needs to be deposited each does not differ depending on the regulations of each bank. Likewise with the time period, you can target starting from 12 months, 24, or even 5 to 20 years.

Almost every bank has a term savings product. However, the features offered differ from one another.

List of the Best Term Savings in 2022

List of the Best Term Savings in 2021

If you are new to savings plan to use this product. You should first read the recommendations for trusted term savings from several banks below worth it in 2022.

Let’s listen!

1. BNI Tapenas – Recommended Term Savings

BNI’s term savings product is named BNI Tapenas or Future Savings Plans. The administration fee for opening a BNI Tapenas account is IDR 18,000. There are many advantages possessed by BNI Tapenas.

2. Britama BRI Bank Plan

Another best term savings account is from Bank BRI whose product is called Britama Idea. There are two types in this product, namely Plan A and Plan B. The two are actually almost the same, which only compares in the amount of insurance premium costs.

Plan A will be charged a fee of 6% of the monthly deposit while insurance premiums on Plan B are free of charge or free.

3. Mandiri Savings Plan

Bank Berdikari definitely has a product in the form of a term savings account. The product is called Berdikari Savings Idea (MTR) which targets first jobbers, housewives, or students.

4. Bank Danamon’s Cita2Ku Savings

Another good term savings account originates from Bank Danamon whose product is called Cita2Ku Savings.

Indeed, the interest rate is slightly higher compared to others, but the tenor options offered are less.

5. CIMB Niaga Mapan Savings

CIMB Niaga did not fail to issue a term savings product. By using Mapan Savings products (Front Period Savings).

6. Best BCA Bank Futures Stages

Many people choose term savings products from Bank BCA or Tianjang Berjangka. The advantages of the product belong to Bank BCA.

7. Taseto Mapan Bank BTPN

The most recent reliable term savings account is from Bank BTPN whose product is Taseto Mapan. There are many advantages of BTPN Taseti Mapan.

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