Trading Without Capital Is It Possible? Follow the Guide to Earn Money Without Capital

Along with the increasingly advanced times, playing Forex trading without capital is not impossible to do. Maybe a statement like this is not trusted for some people. But if you can take advantage of even the slightest opportunity, then you can get the possibility of making a profit without having to make a deposit.

To start trading without capital, all you need is to take advantage of promos provided by brokers such as no deposit bonuses or take part in trading contests. That way you can freely trade without making a deposit. And at this time we will explain how to play trading without having to deposit capital first.

Using Deposit Bonuses For Trading Without Capital

Using Deposit Bonuses For Trading Without Capital

One of the most important ways to start trading without capital is to use a no deposit bonus. It can be said that this no deposit bonus is the most common choice for traders who want to try Forex trading without capital.

As the name implies, this bonus offers traders the convenience of opening a real account without requiring any deposit. Instead, the broker will top up the balance in your trading account with a predetermined amount of funds. So that later there will be a Balance that can be real traded.

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1. Basic Rules In No Deposit Bonus

It’s just that for those of you who want to use a no deposit bonus like this to start trading without capital. You need to understand that there are some important rules in the bonus program that can limit your trading conditions and withdrawal of funds. The policies of each broker differ from one another, but the most common are the conditions on withdrawals.

There are some Forex brokers that do not allow traders to withdraw the no deposit bonus. But there are also those who allow traders to withdraw prizes when traders have met certain lot requirements.

Nonetheless, profits from trading using no deposit bonuses can usually be withdrawn more easily. That’s why it’s important for you to learn the rules that apply to the no deposit bonus program that you are participating in.

With these rules in place, it would be better if you use this No Deposit Bonus to make it easier for you to get real profits without capital. Don’t be lured into having to chase bonus withdrawals from brokers, because the realization is somewhat more difficult and tends to increase trading risk.

2. How Much Bonus Will You Get?

The bonus amount for the no deposit program is actually not that big. Around USD 5 to USD 50 depending on each broker. However, there are also several brokers who offer more bonus amounts than this estimate, but of course, are burdened with even more stringent regulations.

3. Forex Brokers That Offer No Deposit Bonus Programs

As explained earlier, not all Forex brokers offer this kind of bonus program. If you are looking for a trusted Forex broker that offers a no deposit bonus program, then you can make the recommendations below. 1. FBS Broker: offers a bonus of USD 100 2. FXOpen: offers a bonus of USD 10 3. InstaForex: offers a startup bonus of USD 1000 Because this deposit bonus is only temporary, therefore you must diligently update the latest news regarding the future active promo.

Or you can visit the InstaForex broker site directly to be able to follow the official updates of the promotions given.

4. Best Tips for Using No Deposit Bonus

The best advice for those of you who want to trade Forex without capital using this no deposit bonus program is to increase your ability to develop the profits you get from a small balance.

So that later you can maximize the benefits of the no deposit bonus you get. Besides that, this will also prevent you from losses that can be obtained from bonus withdrawal requirements which can sometimes trap you into increasing trading risk.

Demo Trading Contest For Trading Without Capital

Another alternative for those of you who want to try trading without other capital is to take part in a demo trading contest. Like trading competitions in general, traders will participate in events that will bring together several traders and compete for the champion position.

It’s just the difference, trading contests are carried out using a demo account. So that participants do not deposit funds to join.

However, even though this competition is carried out using a demo account, the prize that the winner gets will not be virtual. Prizes earned will be immediately credited to a real trading account. So for those of you who win the demo contest, the prizes you get can be used for trading capital for free.

Compared to the no deposit bonus program, participating in this competition tends to be more difficult and challenging. Because you have to fight other traders to be able to get the main prize. but the good side is that the rules for withdrawing prizes obtained from demo contests will not be as difficult as the rules contained in the no deposit bonus.

Some brokers even offer direct options for contest winners, namely by withdrawing prizes in cash or putting them into a trading account.

Brokers Offering Demo Trading Contests

If you are looking for a broker that offers trading contests using a demo account. So some of the forex brokers below hold this kind of competition program. 1. AGEA: AGEA Contest Masters 2. FBS Broker: FBS Pro Demo Contest 3. Alpari: Virtual Reality Contest 4. Grand Capital: Drag Trade, Future Trade and Rally Trade Demo Contest 5. InstaForex: InstaForex Sniper Contest, One Million Option , Lucky Trader, Real Scalping and others 6. LiteForex: Top10 Forex and Fighting Demo contest 7. XM Broker: 1 million Dollar Championship 8. HotForex: Virtual to Real Contest 9.

And many others. Just like the no deposit bonus program, trading contests held by brokers like this also last for a certain period of time. Instead of being left behind with the latest information and updates, you can listen to the official websites of each broker.

That way you will not be left behind with any information regarding the holding of the competition event.

Important Factors to Consider in Zero Capital Trading

In fact, both participating in the no deposit bonus program and demo account contests to be able to trade without capital are fine for you to do. and each of them has rules that need to be observed. Many traders are sometimes too late to realize the weakness of one way because they don’t really study how the rules are set.

Therefore, before you take part in one or even the two programs, first understand the policies provided. If you feel that there are no rules that are not in accordance with your abilities and desires, then it would be better to back off before you regret it later.

You are free to choose whichever program you like, as long as you feel comfortable and safe when playing trading.

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