The following is a chronology of events and the process of arresting the two perpetrators of the mutilation killings in Turi, Sleman – Previously, the police succeeded in arresting two perpetrators of a murder accompanied by mutilation in Turi, Sleman.

The two perpetrators of mutilation who were arrested by the police had the initials W, a resident of Magelang and RD from DKI Jakarta.

The Dirkrimum Polda DIY, Kombes Pol FX Endriadi, said the two were arrested in Bogor, West Java when they were fleeing.

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“From the results of the investigation, we found the identity of the victim with the initials R, a private university student in Jogja. From the team’s investigation, it narrowed down to the suspected perpetrator,” he said.

“The perpetrator was arrested in Bogor, West Java, yesterday evening, Saturday (15/07/2023). Arrested at RD’s residence. RD in Bogor worked as a baker, while W worked at a restaurant in Jogja,” he continued.

He said the victim and perpetrator knew each other.

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However, his party is still exploring the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator.

Related to the perpetrator’s motive for mutilating the victim, his party is also still conducting an in-depth investigation.

“We are still investigating, because we were only arrested last night,” he continued.

Based on preliminary information, the killings were carried out by the two of them in a boarding house in the Triharjo area, Sleman.

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