Waiters at 15 – pros and cons

Being a waiter at the age of 15 can be a lucrative part-time job. You might be able to make good use of the money, especially during puberty.

The perks of waiting

  • When you’re a 15-year-old waiter, the money is a big advantage. Not only does the actual job yield something, but you can also earn tips.
  • You will also gain initial professional experience, which may be useful to you later in life. This makes it easier for you to get a part-time job while you’re studying, for example.
  • You get to know a lot of people on the job. If you are shy, you can overcome your shyness. And it can also be easier for you to get to know people you like in the future.
  • Of course, the flirt factor is not to be scoffed at in a waiter’s job either. Since you will come into contact with all guests, you will certainly not be denied a smile or two.

The disadvantages of being a waiter at 15

  • Being a waiter at the age of 15 is a very time-consuming job. Due to compulsory schooling, the working hours have to be during free time, so that homework and lesson preparation can suffer as a result. Even if the working time may not exceed 40 hours per week and may only go from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
  • Since the free time and possibly the holidays are planned, there is less time for friends. While they are in the park or at the lake, you have to work yourself. That can be really annoying.
  • Through the waiter’s job, you also get to know the downsides of professional life, because it’s not always fun to come into contact with people. You may be confronted with unfriendly guests, which can also be detrimental to your own mood.

If you can manage to outweigh the disadvantages with the advantages, then waiting tables at 15 will definitely be a lot of fun for you. Have fun!

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