What are the facts revealed regarding the KA 112 Brantas accident that hit a trailer truck, let’s check the facts

BONSERNEWS.com – The Brantas train (KA) with KA number 112 Brantas from Pasar Senen-Blitar had an accident.

This accident occurred at a railroad crossing on Jalan Madukoro Raya, Semarang, Central Java on Tuesday (18/7/2023) night.

The train was carrying around 615 passengers and hit a trailer truck on the crossing at around 19.32 WIB.

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Kapolrestabes Semarang Kombes Irwan Anwar said, initial information received stated that the tronton truck broke down when it was about to pass through a railroad crossing.

“Initial information was that the truck suddenly broke down on the railroad tracks,” he said.

“Then the driver and the kernet asked for help from the railroad crossing officer who was here (the crossing), but didn’t have time because the train was approaching and an accident occurred,” he added.

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The following facts were revealed in the KA 112 Brantas accident that hit a trailer truck:

1. The truck broke down on a railroad crossing

The train accident started when a tronton truck that was traveling from north to south suddenly stopped in the middle of a railroad crossing.

Not long after the truck broke down, Brantas KA 112 from the Pasar Senen-Blitar link crossed and hit the front of the truck which was in the middle of the railroad tracks.

As a result, the truck was dragged up to the Kokrosono railway bridge and an explosion occurred.

2. One passenger was injured

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