Viral UNP Community Service Students Expelled by Residents After Making a ‘Mana Playing’ Video Complaining about Village Facilities – A number of students who are studying real work (KKN) from Padang State University (UNP) went viral because they were evicted by residents.

The UNP students were expelled by residents from their KKN location which was located in Bungus District, Teluk Kabung, Padang City, West Sumatra.

The UNP student who was in the middle of KKN was expelled by residents after making a video complaining about public facilities in the village.

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The video was originally uploaded via Instagram stories on the @piaayaa_ account and then re-uploaded to TikTok by the @singgahisaja account.

Are you on semester break? Where to play KKN Lah. Where is your CCN? Flat land? Fifty Cities? Bungus,“said several students in the video who shouted at each other.

There is no water, shower in the prayer room. expelled? Paying too,” continued the female student in the video while giggling.

The local residents allegedly discovered the video so that all students who were in the middle of KKN in the village were then summoned and gathered in one place.

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From the video circulating, you can see a man talking to students who are in the middle of KKN.

The man said that all students were considered not to have done KKN until there was mediation between the field supervisor and the village head and sub-district head.

Starting today, younger children are not considered to have KKN, until later there is an adjustment between the supervising lecturer and us, the village head, and the sub-district head,said the resident in the video.

So that’s the decision, because to remember the safety of younger siblings in the environment. Because there must be people who read (see) it,he continued.

Regarding the students who went viral, the campus, through UNP secretary Erianjoni, also regretted the attitude of these students.

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