Viral The husband of a perpetrator of domestic violence who abuses his wife in South Tangerang seems to have been involved in a drug case – Netizens are being shocked by the viral case of a husband who committed domestic violence by abusing his wife in South Tangerang.

The viral video of a husband abusing his wife is known to have occurred at the Serpong Park Housing Complex, North Serpong District, South Tangerang.

The viral video of domestic violence was uploaded by the account @viralciledug which shows a husband who appears to be abusing his own wife in a residential area in South Tangerang.

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In the video, the husband, known as Budyanto Jauhari (38), can be seen clamping the neck of his own wife, Tiara Maharani (21), who is known to be 4 months pregnant.

The incident of abuse occurred on Wednesday, July 12 2023 and took place in the courtyard of the second house which was also witnessed by neighbors.

It can be seen that the perpetrators without a definite reason continued to beat victims who were already helpless until they suffered serious injuries to their faces.

Not only that, the perpetrator also dragged the victim from the yard to the house.

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The perpetrators only stopped after the environmental administrator came out and separated the two.

Even the perpetrators, who were still emotional, continued to challenge the environmental officials who tried to break it up.

Based on information from the victim’s mother, this incident started when she heard the sound of the door opening from the room of the two couples.

When approached, he then found the husband in the room with the condition of the wife who was badly injured in the nose.

Not accepting what happened to his son, he tried to intervene, but instead he was also hit in the head by the perpetrator.

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