VIRAL! A motorist makes a scene in a traffic jam and then gets angry while firing shots into the air – A motorbike made a scene in the middle of a traffic jam on an alternative route to Puncak, Bogor.

The man was furious and fired shots into the air.

The video of the cowboy action went viral on social media. Traffic jams occur on alternative routes to Puncak via Jl Bukit Pelangi-Cijayanti-Gununggeulis, Bogor Regency.

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In that traffic jam, it appears that a motorist is involved in an argument with other motorists.

One of the men said the motorbike took out a gun and fired a shot into the air.

“This is the champion here. Which police officer?” said the man with the green sweater to a motorist.

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“You shot upwards earlier,” said the man again, demonstrating a hand gesture upwards like a person shooting.

Babakan Madang Police Chief AKP Susilo Tri Wibowo said the cowboy action occurred because he saw other motorbikes taking each other’s lanes in the middle of a severe traffic jam.

Then he then fired shots into the air using an airsoft gun.

“That’s right, so here’s the info. So there are motorbike riders, yes, motorbike riders, now there’s traffic jams in Cijayanti, he can’t wait for him to arrange it. But maybe someone is interfering with each other, he takes out an airsoft gun, not a gun,” said Susilo.

Susilo said the motorbike had been taken to the Babakan Madang Police for examination.

“Motorcycles carrying airsoft guns with the initials ID. Then ID was taken to the Babakan Madang Police. Currently an examination is being carried out at the Babakan Madang Police,” said Susilo.

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