VIRAL! A 19-year-old girl died by suicide, before she had live on IG, see the explanation – There was a 19 year old girl who was found hanging herself in the toilet of her boarding room. The address of this girl’s boarding house is on Jalan Bukit Keminting X, Palangkaraya last Sunday (18/6/2023).

This girl with the initials RM and comes from East Barito Regency shocked local residents after being found lifeless in the toilet of her boarding room.

When interrogated by local residents, the owner of this boarding house was named Bung Rujiansyah. He also said that he had only known the victim about 2 weeks ago.

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At that time the victim came to his boarding house when he was selling on Jalan Yos Sudarso. “I’ve only known the victim for two weeks, sir, I often go to boarding houses,” he said.

He also said that before he was found hanged himself, the victim was seen drinking alcohol with two of his male friends around 03.00 WIB, last Sunday (18/6/2023). Feeling uncomfortable with the victim, he went to his brother’s house.

“The first person who discovered it was Teguh, my friend when he was going to the toilet,” opened the owner of the boarding house.

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“Because the toilet door was locked, then the door was broken down and the victim was found hanging,” he explained.

Bung Rujiansyah also added that initially the victim was drinking with his friend in boarding room number 7.

Then move to his bedroom. The victim was able to enter because his boarding room was never locked.

“Indeed, I often go to the boarding house, just put the goods in my boarding house,” he concluded. Likewise, Teguh said that at that time he woke up early around 10.00 WIB.

He also explained that he suddenly had the urge to urinate. But when he got to the toilet, the door was closed. Because there was no response even though the toilet door had been banged on and the toilet door had to be broken down and found the victim was no longer lifeless.

“Indeed, this morning I saw this victim drinking with his friends. I did not go because I had to go to the market. After returning I saw the victim and his two friends asleep,” said Teguh.

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