Two women in Medan receive unpleasant treatment from their neighbors, both of them are bald – The incident of two women in Medan Belawan District, Medan City, received unpleasant treatment from their neighbors.

The hair of the two sisters was shaved by a neighbor because they were accused of having an affair with the perpetrator’s father.

The two victims named Widya Isna (30) and Fitri Rusliana (18) are residents of Jalan Taman Cemetery of Heroes, Belawan I Village, Medan Belawan District, Medan City.

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The victim received unpleasant treatment from his neighbors on Friday (30/6/2023) at around 15:00 WIB.

Where the two brothers were accused of having an affair with their neighbor named Sailendra.

The alleged perpetrators of the affair were Sailendra’s own children named Tria, Ijek and Merry.

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Widya Isna was also accused by the three of selling his sister Fitria Rusliana to a man named Sailendra.

“We were accused of having an affair for two years with Mr. Haji Len, even though there wasn’t any of that. We didn’t even have chats, or meet and eat agreements, we didn’t do that on purpose,” said Fitria Rusliana.

Fitria Rusliana explained that the accusation started when she and her sister (Widya Isna) accidentally met Sailendra in the Marelan area.

Where did the meeting begin, a man named Sailendra contacted the brothers and asked where they were.

And soon, the man suddenly came to the two brothers.

“We met just by chance, the story is that we went for a walk. After that he (Sailendra) called us, where are you guys. We answered, we are at the kebab beside Sri Kandi,” he said.

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