Two Thugs Invite Police to ‘Duel’, The Thug Uses Samurai, Here’s a Look at the Full Description – Two thugs wielding samurai and challenge the police to a fight.

The incident occurred at Taman Kopo Indah (TKI) 1 Bandung, Margahayu District, Bandung Regency.

The video of the thugs’ action went viral on social media (social media) TikTok.

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In the TikTok video, the incident can be seen on the side of the road.

The perpetrator, who was wearing a black shirt, repeatedly pushed the body of the policeman and started fighting.

The perpetrators even ordered the police to take off their uniforms.

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However, the perpetrator’s provocation did not provoke the emotions of the police who were victims of it. The police seemed to dodge and retreat.

Not only that, the perpetrator drew a samurai and pointed it at the police earlier. “Take off your clothes! Take off your clothes heh!” said the offender.

Meanwhile, Bandung Police Chief Kombes Kusworo Wibowo said that it was true that the incident occurred on Jalan Taman Kopo Indah I, Margahayu District, last Wednesday 24 May 2023.

“This incident (thugs challenged the police) one month ago and the perpetrators have been arrested,” said the Bandung Police Chief.

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