Travel Agent Fraud, Hundreds of Grade 3 Students of SMPN 10 Tangerang Canceled Their Farewell to Yogyakarta – Hundreds of students at SMPN 10 Tangerang who planned to hold a farewell party in Yogyakarta on May 28 2023 failed to leave because they were tricked by travel agents.

Previously, the school had announced that the farewell event to Yogyakarta was postponed to June 2, 2023.

However, it turned out that SMPN 10 Tangerang still postponed the event and this was the second time.

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It is planned that the school will schedule the departure of hundreds of grade 3 students at SMPN 10 Tangerang on June 16 2023.

However, a few days before the departure date, namely June 16 2023, the school said that the farewell event to Yogyakarta was canceled, because they had been deceived by a travel agent.

The Principal of SMPN 10 Tangerang, Iis Permasi, stated that they had tried to hold the travel agent accountable by contacting him many times, even going to his address.

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In fact, the alleged perpetrator had not returned to his house for a long time, even the teachers had spent several days at the house.

The total money that was taken away reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Because 1 student paid 1.5 million rupiah and a total of 328 students who had paid in full, so the total loss reached 492 million rupiah.

The Tangerang City Education Office also stated that it would monitor this fraud case until it was finished, so that the school and parents were not harmed.

The school represented by the Principal stated that they would be responsible even if they did not completely replace them.

Úang amounting to 500 thousand out of a total payment of 1.5 million rupiah, was then allocated for a farewell event at Balekota Mall Tangerang and was held on Thursday, June 15 2023.

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