‘TRAGIC’! The following is the Chronology of Seconds Seconds KA Brantas Jakarta Blitar Department Crashed into a Trailer Truck Unit

BONSERNEWS.com – The Brantas train (KA) heading to Jakarta Blitar collided with a trailer truck on the Jalan Madukoro bridge, Semarang, Central Java, Tuesday 18 July 2023 around 19.15 WIB.

The Brantas train hit the head of the trailer truck which was traveling from north to south and caught fire.

The blazing fire is thought to have started from a trailer truck that was hit.

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There was an explosion when the train locomotive hit the truck.

The head and tail of the truck trailer are stuck at the mouth of the Semarang West Flood Canal Bridge rail bridge.

Until now, there has been no official statement from the police or PT KAI regarding the incident.

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It was reported that there were no casualties in this incident, but one passenger was reportedly injured by jumping from the train

While one of the passengers named Dimas, admitted that he did not know the exact incident of the collision.

“Only a crash was heard and then the train stopped,” said the passenger bound for Blitar.

Meanwhile, joint police and KAI officers are still trying to evacuate a series of trailers stuck at the mouth of the bridge. ()

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