This is what President Jokowi said when asked by an elementary school student who was curious about why the capital city had not moved to Papua – President Joko Widodo or who is often called jokowi held an audience with a number of Elementary School (SD) students from Papua.

During the meeting, elementary school students from Papua had the opportunity to meet and interact directly with President Jokowi.

President Jokowi also provided the opportunity to ask elementary school students from Papua who had questions for him.

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One elementary school girl from Papua then stood up and introduced herself.

An elementary school student known as Kesia Olivia Ergor then asked a smart question that intrigued those present at the event.

Why isn’t the national capital moved to Papua?,” asked the child in front of President Jokowi.

President Jokowi then tried to answer the elementary school student’s question and explain why the national capital was not moved to Papua.

Here, Indonesia is very big. From Papua to Aceh, from Sabang to Merauke. Very broad,” said President Jokowi.

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The President is also seen using his hand as a gesture to show how wide the country of Indonesia is.

If you choose the eastern one, later if you choose the capital city in Papua, the one from Aceh to Papua is far away here,” continued President Jokowi to the elementary school student.

9 hours from Aceh to Papua, you know that by plane. If you go by ship, it could take weeks,” President Jokowi said, describing the distance between Aceh and Papua.

President Jokowi then explained, with these broad geographical conditions, the capital city of the archipelago was chosen in the middle, namely Kalimantan.

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