The Sad Story of the Bride Breathing Her Last Breath After the Consent to Kabul, Here’s the Sad Story – Regarding fate, marriage to death is indeed a divine secret.

Likewise, what happened to Dwi Oktaviani, a bride in Palembang, South Sumatra (South Sumatra) breathed her last about five minutes after her wedding vows were granted.

The favorite event of a wedding suddenly becomes a big grief for the family.

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This sad story then went viral on the social media of Palembang residents.

At the time of the marriage ceremony which took place at the bride’s residence, Sunday (2/7/2023).

Family members confirmed the tragic event that happened.

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“Yes, it’s true, it was our Ayuk (brother) who died. Maybe because I was too tired after the marriage contract, and indeed there was a history of illness. His name age no one knows. It happened in the morning, we just had a contract, we didn’t hold a reception,” he said sadly.

However, the family also regretted the video that went viral on social media.

“We don’t know who recorded (the ambulance video). The person who posted it so it went viral. We can only convey that much, nothing more,” he continued.

Initially, the social media account @viralyes showed a video of an ambulance carrying a coffin arriving at the bride’s funeral home.

The car was carrying the body of the bride who died allegedly due to exhaustion after the consent granted.

The marriage that was full of happiness only five minutes changed to grief.

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