The Motives of the Two Mutilated Murderers in Turi, Sleman, Let’s See the Full Reviews Below – Police have arrested two perpetrators of mutilating the victim’s body parts in Turi and Tempel, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Police are still investigating the motive for the killing.

“(Motive) does not yet exist. We ask for the cooperation of our colleagues to investigate because the case is complicated, please take time,” said Dirreskrimum Polda DIY Kombes FX Endriadi

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The perpetrator, namely a man with the initials W, is a resident of Magelang.

Meanwhile, RD is registered as a resident of DKI Jakarta.

“Until now the perpetrators are already at the Ditreskrimum and then an intensive examination will be carried out related to their motives and then the actions they committed,” he explained.

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Police said the perpetrator and the victim actually knew each other.

“Yes, they know each other. So the perpetrators and victims know each other. Friends,” said Endriadi.

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