The following is a chronology and facts about Suarnati Daeng Kanang, pilgrims from Makassar showing off 180 grams of imitation gold – The figure of a pilgrim from Makassar, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) named Suarnati Daeng Kanang (46) has gone viral on social media.

She looked glamorous with a number of gold jewelery that adorned her body after returning from the Holy Land.

The glamorous action and showing off hundreds of grams of gold was carried out by Suarnati Daeng Kanang.

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He did this when he got off the plane that took him from Saudi Arabia to arrive at the Sudiang Hajj Dormitory Makassar, on Wednesday (5/7/2023).

This woman, who works as a burger entrepreneur in Makassar, is the first group of pilgrims to depart from Makassar who arrived with 392 other groups of pilgrims.

The following are the facts about Suarnati Daeng Kanang, who showed off her gold until she was arrested by the Makassar Customs and Excise:

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1. Suarnati Daeng Kanang Wears 180 Grams of Gold When Returning from the Holy Land

Suarnati Daeng Kanang admitted that she wore about 180 grams of gold when she arrived at the Haji Sudiang Dormitory Makassar.

From necklaces, bracelets to rings. But of the 180 grams of gold used, not all he bought from the Holy Land.

“I brought half (gold) from Makassar. About 80 grams, if what I bought from the Holy Land maybe 100 grams,” Suarnati told the media crew at the Arafah Hall of the Hajj Sudiang Dormitory Makassar.

He revealed, per gram of gold purchased from the Holy Land the price is around IDR 1,200,000.

“I bought it using riyals, basically around Rp. 1,200,000 per gram,” he said.

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