The Chairman of the Bantaeng DPRD explained that at first he visited the deputy chairman of the DPRD and there were no beatings – Hamsyah Ahmad, Chairman of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of Bantaeng Regency, South Sulawesi, is suspected of committing acts of violence at Prof. Hospital. Anwar Makkatutu, Bantaeng.

The incident allegedly occurred because the Chairman of the Bantaeng DPRD felt offended by the attitude of the hospital security officers.

The incident occurred on Thursday (29/6/2023) night and was recorded on video which was then spread on social media.

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Chairman of the Bantaeng DPRD Hamsyah Ahmad explained that initially he had just finished visiting the deputy chairman of the Bantaeng DPRD, Irianto, at Prof. Hospital. Anwar Makkatutu Bantaeng.

“That night it was still visiting hours, I went home via the patient elevator stairs and wanted to take the radiology route, but I was directed by security to take the public route and I thanked him,” said Hamsyah Ahmad.

But when he was walking towards the exit, the security guard suddenly laughed at him.

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This made Hamsyah Ahmad and his wife approach the security guard.

“After I turned around he immediately looked here, then laughed, that’s what made me angry and I asked why why was that, Dek. My wife said maybe she didn’t know us, but security said I knew, Pak Anca,” he said.

Hamsyah Ahmad admitted that he had also experienced similar treatment when walking towards the exit.

Because of emotion, he finally pulled the clothes of the security guard.

“I arrived at my second door (looked) back again and it turned out that he was still looking at me with a face like that, I don’t know what hatred was done to me,” he said.

“That added to my anger, I came back, pulled his shirt,” he continued.

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