SAD! A Sword Dut Discards His Newly Born Child, Why? How can it be that high? -Sad and heartless, a dangdut singer with the status of a young widow with the initials SWK became a suspect after throwing away her newborn baby in Pacitan, East Java. The police also managed to arrest the dangdut singer.

Kasatreskrim Polres Pacitan, Iptu Andreas Heksa said, this case began when a baby who had died was found in Tegalombo District, May 4, 2023 afternoon.

“Reported to the Tegalombo Police, because it is indeed the one near the Tegalombo Police,” Kasatreskrim Pacitan Police, Iptu Andreas Heksa.

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“The initials of the SWK actor. Everyone (dangdut artists) knows what they do. We caught it and are currently investigating it,” he added.

He continued, if the perpetrator was a widow, he was embarrassed when he was pregnant and gave birth because he was without a husband.

“The first motive may be because of shame or because of the status of the offender as a widow. So there is no husband, “he said.

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The perpetrator gave birth alone in the bathroom of his house in Kebonagung District, Pacitan Regency.

“No one helps himself until the umbilical cord is cut alone. Then I was so confused, the baby was put in a pink suitcase, only 2 days, the baby was thrown away. Yes, in Teglombo,” he said.

Previously, residents of Kebondalem Village, Tegalombo District, Pacitan Regency, were shocked by the discovery of a decomposed baby’s body.

The baby found wrapped in blue plastic. Inside is a black t-shirt with a picture of reog.

“One, which was found at the TKP to wrap, was the Reog association’s T-shirt, now that was sharpened. The investigation was indeed almost one month. We summoned several witnesses,” he said.

Based on existing information, there are only 4 of the Reog community T-shirts. Owner 4 has been pre-examined.

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