Related to Allegations of Obscene UGM Students During KKN, UGM Sends a Psychologist Because His Condition is Mentally Deteriorated – Viral news about allegations of obscenity at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) students at the location of real work lectures (KKN).

The incident allegedly occurred when they formed a student group

The latest condition is that this student is reportedly in a mental downturn.

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This was conveyed by the Director of Community Service UGM, Rustamadji.

“The KKN program is still running, but mentally they are hit hard,” he said.

Rustamadji said that to restore the mentality of the group of students who were attacked by the rumor, the campus would send a team of psychologists for assistance.

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“We will immediately send a companion psychologist, we have briefed the team of psychologists about the problems that occur in the field,” said Rustamadji.

As for the results of the discussion on student groups and also village officials, the KKN program in that village will not be stopped.

Rustamadji said the ongoing program is related to community empowerment.

“The existing program continues according to its decision, only the student group there asks for time to consolidate again,” he said.

Previously, a viral tweet about the alleged lewd acts of UGM students at the KKN location went viral on social media. The post was then widely responded to by various other Twitter accounts.

The alleged sordid act by students occurred during the KKN in Pucungroto Village, Kaligesing, Purworejo, Central Java.

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