KAI informs the condition of the Train Driver 112 Brantas after experiencing a severe accident with a trailer truck

BONSERNEWS.com – The condition of the engineer for the Jakarta Blitar Railway, which was in a severe accident, was hit by a trailer truck and burned.

This accident occurred in Semarang on Tuesday (18/7/2023) until the video went viral on social media.

The accident occurred on Jalan Madukoro Raya, Semarang, Central Java, precisely above the west canal flood bridge.

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The accident looked so terrible, the front of the train hit the truck until the sound like an explosion.

Shortly after the accident a huge explosion followed by flames which immediately engulfed the front of the train.

So how is the condition of the driver and other passengers?

From the Indonesian Railways (KAI) explained the current condition of the driver.

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“The condition of the driver and assistant driver are safe, and the passengers are safe and no one was injured,” wrote the press manager of KAI Daop 4 Semarang Public Relations, Ixfan Hendri Wintoko.

As a result of the accident, Ixfan said the train route on the Jerakah – Semarang Poncol section is currently impassable.

On the other hand, Ixfan also revealed the current conditions at the scene.

“The fire on the locomotive has been successfully extinguished, the series of executive trains 2 and back have now been successfully secured and pulled back to the Jerakah Station,” continued Ixfan.

Ixfan continued, KA 112 Brantas carries 4 executive class trains, 6 economy class trains, and 1 generator train.

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