Jokowi Will Appreciate Kaesang If Running for Mayor of Depok – President Jokowi will approve if his son Kaesang Pangarep runs for mayor of Depok.

Jokowi said he would give advice if asked by Kaesang. He will also give his blessing if his youngest child will enter politics.

“The parents’ job is to bless and pray,” said Jokowi, Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

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Jokowi said he always gives freedom to his children after having a family. He freed Kaesag to choose his own path in life.

He admits that he doesn’t have a problem if Kaesang is involved in politics. According to Jokowi, currently his three children are responsible for themselves and their families.

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“If I am asked, I will definitely give advice, but if I am not asked I will definitely not give advice. Ask Kaesang directly,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi also did not explain whether the Kaesag should run for the Depok mayoral election through the PDIP.

Previously, Kaesang Pangarep was predicted to run as a candidate for mayor of Depok. A number of Kaesang billboards have been plastered on the streets of Depok City.

Kaesang has also opened his voice on this issue. He stated that he was ready to advance to become “the first Depok”. However, he did not explain what the statement meant.

“I am Kaesang Pangarep. I have received permission and blessing from my family. God willing, I am ready to attend as the first Depok. Please support, be independent,” said Kaesang through the Kaesang Pangarep by GK Hebat YouTube channel entitled ‘Clarification, I Open Voice ‘. ()

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