It is known that the perpetrators of student mutilation in Yogyakarta rarely socialize, get to know the following psychopathic characteristics – The mutilation murder case that attacked a student with the initials R in Yogyakarta has now found the perpetrators of the crime.

The perpetrators numbered 2 people who apparently already knew each other with the victim.

One of them, W (29), is known to have never socialized or socialized with the environment around his boarding house.

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The boarding house of one of the perpetrators, namely W, is in Triharjo village, Sleman sub-district, DIY. A number of residents said they did not know W because he rarely socialized.

“What his daily life is like, you also don’t know. He left early in the morning and returned late at night. Loyalty to village activities has also never participated in it,” said one resident.

From this information, then do you know the characteristics of a psychopath? However, before that, first know what a psychopath is.

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Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by a number of traits such as antisocial, lack of empathy, and uncontrollable emotions.

When viewed from the appearance, a psychopath is difficult to detect because he has the same appearance as other people in general, or even his daily life.

However, someone is said to be a psychopath if that person has gone through a series of tests.

In addition, there are a number of characteristics that can be a sign that someone is called a psychopath.

First, there is no empathy. A psychopath is known as a person who has no sense of empathy.

In certain situations or conditions, usually someone who has psychopathic tendencies cannot feel emotions such as sadness, fear, or anxiety.

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