Here’s the Profile and Motives of Suarnati Daeng Kanang, Pilgrims from Makassar Showing 180 Grams of Imitation Gold – Suarnati Daeng Kanang (46) was in the spotlight for showing off 180 grams of gold upon arrival at Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar airport, Wednesday (5/7/23) after returning home from performing the pilgrimage.

However, after further investigation, the gold he claimed to have bought in Saudi Arabia turned out to be an imitation.

Makassar Customs Office confirmed this after checking Suarnati Daeng Kanang in her hometown.

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The gold turned out to cost IDR 900,000 which contradicted Suarnati’s statement, namely IDR 216 million.

“Based on our research, we have also coordinated these items with Pawnshop. And from Pegadaian concluded that these items are not gold. (Meaning imitation) Yes, that’s a possibility,” said Ria.

An examination of it purports to impose a tax of around Rp. 17 million because of the value of the gold.

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In this regard, the profile of Suarnati, a pilgrim who is viral, wallowing in gold, turns out to be an imitation.

Suarnati Daeng Kanang is a resident of Jalan Muhamamd Tahir Lepping, Tamalate District, Makassar City.

He is 46 years old. He is the owner of a shop that sells daily necessities.

Suarnati Daeng Kanang is also a burger entrepreneur named Hilda Burger.

Then this pilgrim also has a boarding house in his house and rented in Jembatan Merah, Cendrawasih, Makassar.

According to her daughter, Winda, Suarnati has performed umrah 3 times. Every time she returns from the Holy Land, her mother often buys gold.

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