Hearing that the drowning victims disappeared in the Pangandaran Sea, Ramdani made the family shocked and did not expect

BONSERNEWS.com – Hearing that Ramdani had drowned in the Pangandaran Sea, the family was shocked and did not expect it.

This was disclosed by Iwa Kartiwa (52) as the father of Ramdani (20) from Sindakerta Village, Sukahening District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java.

Ramdani was dragged by the sea waves around the prohibited swimming area when he was trying to help a friend nearby at Post 5 Pangandaran West Coast, Monday 03 July 2023 around 09:00 WIB.

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Ramdani’s father admitted that at first he did not know that his son was going to Pangandaran with his friends.

Ramdani is the first child of three siblings and found out that his first child was lost in the currents during the day after the incident.

“I know from his mother, his mother is always at home. When I am working in the forest. So, I know from his mother, my child goes to Pangandaran,” said Iwa Kartiwa.

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Her mother said, Ramdani went to Pangandaran beach with seven people who were her friends.

“Ever since I learned about the child going to Pangandaran, I already have a bad feeling. Because he is reckless, too bold,” he said.

And it turned out, it was true that in the afternoon he heard that his son was being dragged by the waves on the west coast of Pangandaran

“Obviously, I am very sad and did not expect this to happen,” said Iwa.

Before hearing that his son was drowning, indeed he had previously seen different features on his son’s face.

“My child’s face looks different, very different from usual. What used to be cheerful is now different,” he said.

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