GREAT! Tear up Surya Paloh’s photo, NasDem candidate from Indramayu ‘blindly’ because he was asked to deposit IDR 3.5 billion – The chairman of the DPD NasDem Party, Indramayu Regency, Husen Ibrahim, was disappointed because he did not become serial number 1 in the West Java 8 electoral district in the nomination for the DPR RI.

He also admitted that he could be moved to serial number 2 as long as he deposited IDR 3.5 billion.

“We collect the promise of the chairman of the DPW that West Java 8 for the nomination of the DPR RI we were promised serial number 1 but until now this has not come true, instead the A1 leak that we received we were promised serial number 3,” said Husen Ibrahim, seen from the Instagram video @jayalah.negriku.

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“When we questioned about serial number 3, at that time the DPW held a meeting and it was decided that I could be moved to serial number 2 with a note that compensation of 3.5 billion must be prepared,” he said.

As a result, Husen Ibrahim and the DPD NasDem Indramayu resigned from their party. In fact, he was busy removing the NasDem attribute.

“One disappointment is not in accordance with the party’s reputation, it is not in accordance with what the general chairman said, that NasDem is without a dowry,” he said.

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“If I claim on behalf of the chairman of the DPD, I claim that approximately 120 thousand members of the NasDem are very, very disappointed,” said Husen Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java NasDem Party Advisory Council, Rajiv denied the practice of buying and selling serial numbers of legislative candidates in the 2024 election.

Including the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the NasDem Party, Indramayu Regency. “NasDem firmly denies the existence of dowry politics and buying and selling serial numbers in West Java, including in Indramayu,” said Rajiv.

Rajiv’s statement refutes allegations from the former chairman of the DPD Nasdem, Indramayu Regency, Husen Ibrahim, who was asked to deposit Rp. 3.5 billion so that he could occupy serial number 2 on the list of candidates for legislative members (caleg) from the electoral area of ​​West Java 8.

According to Rajiv, the NasDem Party DPP has carried out political movements without dowries for a long time. So it’s impossible for any administrator to dare to play around with practices like this.

Because of that, Rajiv asked Husein to prove the allegations that the DPW NasDem Party asked for dowry in determining the serial number of candidates, within 1×24 hours.

“We give it 1×24 hours. If Husen Ibrahim can’t prove it, then he will be legally reported for his accusations,” said Rajiv.

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