GREAT! About 20 Residents of Pejuang Bekasi Urban Village ‘GREBEK’ SMAN 10 Bekasi City, What’s Up? Check out the Explanation – Around 20 residents of RW 16, Pejuang Village, Medan Satria District, Bekasi City, West Java, on Friday (7/7/2023), held an audience with representatives of SMAN 10 Bekasi City.

The action was a form of protest because many students living around SMAN 10 Kota Bekasi were not accepted at the school.

The audience started at 10.30 WIB led by the Head of RW 16 Heri Suhirmanto.

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Dozens of residents who stormed the school because they wanted to protest were received by SMAN 10 Public Relations Eko Ariyanto and PPDB Daring committee member Sri Subekti.

In the middle of the hearing, there was a difference of opinion between the residents and the school.

Local residents feel that the New Student Registration system (PPDB) at SMAN 10 Kota Bekasi is inconvenient and not transparent, because it is not consistent in reading data.

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“We saw that the PPDB information system was canceled because the address, biodata and family card (family card) did not match the place of residence. Even though we are all native residents who are close to the school,” said Heri when submitting complaints from residents.

Heri said, because the PPDB Online system was inconsistent in reading data, many of their children whose homes were close to schools failed to enroll in SMAN 10 Bekasi City.

He considered that this was contrary to the zoning system regulated in Permendikbud Number 14 of 2018.

“The distance between RW 16 and SMAN 10 school is no more than 300 meters. So, if there is information in the system that does not match the place of residence, that is what we question,” said Heri.

Another resident, Sudarya, who attended the hearing complained that the PPDB Online system was unable to read data properly.

“We are confused. The system asks for verification of biodata, after the biodata is corrected, it asks for the KK to be corrected. Even though the local RW recognizes that I am a resident,” he said.

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