Following is the Chronology of the Accident of the Fall of an Elevator at the Az Zahraz School, Let’s See the Complete Chronology – There was an accident where an elevator fell at the Az Zahra School, Bandar Lampung.

The victims of this accident totaled 9 construction workers, of whom 7 people died and 2 people were critical, last Wednesday (05/07/2023).

Head of Satreskrim Polresta Bandar Lampung Kompol Dennis Arya Putra revealed the chronology of the elevator accident falling at the Az Zahra School in Bandar Lampung occurred at around 16.30 WIB last Wednesday (5/7/2023).

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It started with 9 construction workers going down from the 5th floor of the school building to the 1st floor by using the freight elevator.

The elevator that was descending was suspected to have been overloaded causing an accident.

“The elevator used by the victims was intended to transport goods, not load people so that it was overloaded and an accident occurred,” said Dennis Arya Putra (05/07/2023).

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“We are still conducting investigations at the crime scene, we are also still digging for witness statements to find out the good roles that allowed them to be able to use the elevator and others,” continued Dennis.

The police are still investigating the incident, whether there is an element of crime and negligence.

It is known that the Az-Zahra school did not immediately report the incident even though it turned out that the distance between the school and the police headquarters was only about 100 meters.

The police only received news of a falling elevator accident when they were contacted by the Bumi Waras Hospital, where the victims were treated.

Later, the hospital said 7 people died and 2 others were critical.

According to the Bumi Waras Hospital through dr. Arli, the 7 victims are thought to have breathed their last while on the way to the hospital.

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