Following are the Points for Celebrating the 496th Anniversary of the City of Jakarta, Which Streets Will Be the Points for the 2023 Jakarta Anniversary? – Jakarta’s 496th Birthday (HUT) will be enlivened by a series of various events.

One of them is the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) at JIExpo Kemayoran. The 496th anniversary of the City of Jakarta carries the theme ‘Jakarta: Become a Work for the Archipelago’.

The meaning itself is that Jakarta is ready to optimize its own resources in order to realize the prosperity and progress of the nation.

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Here are a number of points to celebrate Jakarta’s 2023 birthday which will be filled with various lively activities.

1. JIEXPO Kemayoran

JIEXPO Kemayoran is the place for one of Jakarta’s anniversary celebrations, namely the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) or Jakarta Fair.

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This event has been going on since 14 June 2023 and will end on 16 July 2023.

Through PRJ, visitors can enjoy various festivities in it.

Call it music concerts, culinary tours, rides for games, cultural performances, and many others.

2. Jakarta Shopping Center

Various shopping centers in Jakarta will also celebrate Jakarta’s Birthday.

The name itself is Festival Jakarta Great Sale 2023.

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