Finally Revealed The Mystery of the Missing Bride, Curious? See Explanation of Reasons from Anggi Anggraeni What? – The mystery of the missing bride, Anggi Anggraeni (21), a resident of Rancabungur District, Bogor Regency, has finally been revealed.

Apparently, the newlyweds deliberately ran away from home because they had a lover.

“So (Anggi) after being confronted, it was his ex-girlfriend, not his ex-girlfriend, who was actually still dating him. I was asked by my girlfriend, my lover means boyfriend, right,” said Rancabungur Police Chief, Iptu Hartanto Rahim.

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He said, there had been mediation conducted by the families of both parties.

In essence, Anggi Anggraeni deliberately ran away for the sake of her lover.

“The bottom line is that Anggi left the house because he arrived in Jakarta, rented out. That is outside our (authority),” he said.

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What is certain, added Hartanto, is that Anggi Anggraeni has returned home safely to her family.

“It seems that today (going home), as soon as the mediation was over, her husband handed it over to his mother, so he was proactive about Angginya. The mediation was also over, Anggi had returned to her family. Then Fahmi had just handed it over,” he concluded.

It is known that Anggi disappeared from her house on Monday 26 June 2023.

Sadly, this missing bride disappeared the day after she married her husband.

The last time Anggi Anggraeni said goodbye to her husband was to buy geprek chicken via COD in an alley near her house.

However, since then Anggi Anggraeni has disappeared without knowing her whereabouts.

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