Fahmi’s viral video, ‘Never love someone who hasn’t finished with their past! Sentil Anggi

BONSERNEWS.com – Fahmi Husaeni, a man who went viral because his wife “disappeared” just a day after the marriage ceremony, admits that he did not expect his marriage to end in misery.

Sadness was also expressed by the ex-husband of a woman named Anggi Anggraeni through a series of uploads on her TikTok account.

What recently became an online sensation, with a record of nearly four million views at the time this article was written, shows Fahmi Husaeni and Anggi Anggraeni doing a photo session.

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Together with a series of portraits arranged into a short viral video, Fahmi Husaeni wrote, “Never love someone who hasn’t finished their past!!!”.

This refers to the fact that Anggi left his side to return to her ex-boyfriend.

In the upload, he also included a photo that “disappeared” Anggi Anggraeni as if it was a symbol of leaving after their flash marriage.

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Fahmi Husaeni, who is on the side of Anggi Anggraeni in the original photo, edited to stand alone.

In a series of comments, netizens also gave encouragement and said they were concerned about Fahmi Husaeni’s situation, who was abandoned by Anggi Anggraeni for the sake of her ex-boyfriend.

One of them commented, “Request annulment of the marriage to the Religious Court as well as compensation to the wife’s family,” which many other TikTok users agreed with.

“Agreed. Let it be a lesson. Apart from being embarrassed, I can’t imagine how painful it is,” said a TikToker.

“How come you feel sick. Be patient. I hope you get the best partner. Amen,” wrote another. There are also those who say, “Enjoy your current sadness, but don’t drag on. After that, move forward. In fact, happiness is waiting. Keep up the spirit, bro.”

There were also netizens who wrote, “Even though in the photo Ms. (Anggi) looks happy smiling. But, who knows people’s hearts. It’s a lesson learned. Hopefully the sadness will pass quickly, Mas Fahmi.”

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