Come on, let’s check the PPDB Jabar 2023 Phase 2 Announcement, Here’s How to Check the PPDB Jabar 2023 Phase 2 Selection Results – Today Monday (10/7/2023), the announcement of the results of the West Java 2023 Phase 2 New Student Admissions (PPDB) selection has been officially opened starting at 14.00 WIB.

PPDB West Java 2023 registration phase 2 is only the zoning route for SMA and the achievement path for SMK.

The PPDB Jabar 2023 Phase 2 Announcement can be seen via this page or you can use the Sapawarga Application.

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Then here’s how to check and see the 2023 West Java PPDB Announcement stage 2.

How to Check PPDB Jabar 2023 Phase 2 Announcement for SMA and SMK:

– First you open this link: .

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– Then select the city or district according to the area of ​​your school registration. Then Click Selection Results

– Choose the SMA or SMK that you registered

– Select the city and type of school i.e. Public or Private. Then select the destination school and click View

– You then just enter the registration number. Choose an acceptance path

– Here you will see the results of the 2023 West Java PPDB selection for SMA or SMK zoning pathways.

Following is the complete PPDB Jabar 2023 Phase 2 Schedule:

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