Come on, for Prospective New Students, the Schedule for Re-Registration Up to the 2023 West Java PPDB Re-Registration Requirements – Prospective New Students who have passed the West Java New Student Admissions (PPDB Jabar) 2023 stage 2 can immediately re-register.

Announcement of PPDB Jabar 2023 phase 2 will be held Monday, 10 July 2023 at 14.00 WIB.

While the PPDB West Java 2023 phase 2 re-registration schedule can be carried out from 11 and 12 July 2023.

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The announcement of PPDB West Java 2023 phase 2 can be viewed in 2 ways, via the PPDB West Java 2023 announcement page or via the Sapawarga Application.

Prospective new students at the SMA/SMK level and their parents, along with the documents that must be brought and how to re-register PPDB Jabar 2023 phase 2:

After the announcement of PPDB Jabar 2023 phase 2, July 11 and 12, new prospective students can re-register at the destination school.

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But before that, students first filled out the form provided by the destination school.

In addition, after the selection results are announced and declared passed, students need to print proof of acceptance at the destination school.

After the proof of receipt is printed, you need to keep the proof of receipt carefully.

The proof of acceptance becomes one of the required documents when re-registration.

Apart from proof of acceptance, there are several other required documents that need to be brought when re-registering offline to the destination school.

Here’s how to re-register and the conditions for re-registration of PPDB Jabar 2023 stage 2:

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