City Government of Bandar Lampung Guarantees Education for Children of Az Zahra Lift Accident Victims, Here’s a List of Victims – The city government (Pemkot) of Bandar Lampung guaranteed the education of 10 children of the victims of the elevator accident on Wednesday (5/7) at the Az Zahra School which claimed the lives of seven construction workers.

“We have recorded that there are around 10 children who were victims of accidents who will be given educational scholarships up to the university level later,” said Mayor of Bandar Lampung Eva Dwiana.

He said that the educational assistance to the victims’ families was a form of the Bandar Lampung City Government’s real presence to its citizens who were affected by the disaster.

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“I ask and hope that the victim’s children must continue to go to school and not give up hope for a better future,” he said.

In addition, the City Government of Bandar Lampung also provided a BPJAMSOSTEK insurance policy to the victim’s family to anticipate bad events from happening again in the future.

He revealed that BPJS was given to them because, on average, the victim’s family did not have a social security protection card, which could protect them when something unexpected happened.

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“We have asked, it turns out they are not registered or have a BPJAMSOSTEK card, so I asked the social services to record data and include them as beneficiaries of the policy,” he said.

He also said that even though the assistance provided by the municipal government was not of great value, it was hoped that this would reduce the burden on the families left behind.

“The government will help its citizens in need, we also always care about the community, especially those affected by disaster,” he said.

Previously, it was reported that nine construction workers who were renovating the sports area at Sekokah Az-Zahra Bandarlampung fell from the elevator while working.

Where it resulted in 7 people died and two of them suffered serious injuries.

The identity of the victim in the elevator accident at Az-Zahra seven is a resident of Bandarlampung namely

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