Car Tire Theft Modes Are Rising In Medan, This Time There Are Car Tires Missing Around Petisah Market – A viral video circulating on social media narrates the case of car tire theft which is currently rife in the city of Medan.

Currently, car tire theft has occurred in two locations and the police are still investigating.

It is known, one of the videos shows a missing car tire around the petisah market, Medan City.

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In the viral video, you can see a white car with BK 1259 AAI plates parked.

But the two front tires of the car suddenly disappeared.

“Pak police, please help, sir police. This is a petition, sir. You have lost your tires this morning, sir,” said a man while taking a video of the condition of his car.

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“Parking fees are never late, night guard fees are always paid, yes, sir. The SPSI fee is also paid. It’s scary. It’s a bitch, sir,” he added.

Previously, cases of tire theft had also occurred in the parking lot of a church in Medan.

Where is a resident’s car tire missing. However, the victim was reluctant to tell what happened to him.

Regarding this incident, the Medan Police Chief, Kombes Valentino Alfa Tatareda, said that his party was still handling the matter.

“Of course this will be handled. We will find the perpetrators and take firm action,” said Valentino.

He said that for anticipatory steps going forward, his party had increased coordination with the head of the environment to tighten supervision.

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