Belain ‘NO BATH’, Parents Find and Maintain Tables and Chairs for Children on the First Day of Entering School – Entering the new school teachings, parents looked excited on the first day their children entered school, Monday (17/7/2023).

It is known, in some regions in Indonesia today is the first day of elementary school students starting learning activities.

One of them is at SDN 4 Kedokan Agung, Indramayu, West Java.

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A number of parents are willing to skip the shower so they can get to school more quickly and get a seat for their child.

Not only that, there are parents who deliberately bring a raffia rope as a marker if the chair and table are occupied by their child.

One of the students’ parents admitted that they had come early in the morning so that their child could be at the front of the bench.

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“Because if you get to the back seat, you won’t see the learning,” said Karmi.

Since 05.00 WIB, he arrived before the school gate was opened.

However, it turned out that there were also the parents of other students who had arrived earlier.

He and a number of parents immediately ran to their respective children’s classes when the new school doors opened.

After entering the classroom, parents then tie chairs and tables to their children’s bags with raffia ropes as a sign that tables and chairs are already occupied.

“Alhamdulillah, we got a seat at the front,” he said.

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