Because of “showing off” 180 grams of gold, Customs was subject to a “prank” by a pilgrim named Suanarti Daeng Kanang – A pilgrim named Suanarti Daeng Kanang (46) is becoming a hot topic.

Because, in the viral video on social media, he appears to be showing off 180 grams of gold.

Then, he was chased by Customs and the public apparently got pranked.

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Initially, the woman who is a burger entrepreneur, had just come home from Hajj from the Holy Land to the Arafah Hall of the Sudiang Hajj Dormitory Makassar, on Wednesday (5/7/2023).

His striking appearance with lots of gold made the media approach him.

Suanarti Daeng Kanang admitted that he bought gold from the Holy Land at a price of IDR 1.2 million per gram.

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After learning about the gold that Suanarti used, Makassar Customs immediately summoned her for inspection.

The Makassar Customs Office itself is examining Suanarti’s gold jewelry, specifically whether import duties can be imposed or not.

Then, they also find out the authenticity of this gold as stipulated in the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 203/PMK.04/2017.

Based on the 5 hour examination, it seems that the public has been pranked.

Makassar Customs Office confirmed that the gold belonging to Suanarti Daeng Kanang was an imitation worth IDR 900,000.

The certainty is obtained based on the results of testing the gold content.

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