Arrested, This is the Look of the Extortionist of the Bamboo Bridge on Carita Anyer Pandeglang Beach – Netizens were excited by a viral video showing illegal extortion or extortion at Carita Anyer Beach, Pandeglang.

The video shared by the TikTok account, @nkritoday, shows a young man asking for Rp. 5,000 for every visitor who crosses the ‘private bridge’.

If tourists who cross the bridge do not pay, then the perpetrator will chase the victim to ask for money.

However, after the video went viral on the social media, village officials immediately moved quickly.

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They arrested two extortionists and handed them over to the authorities.

The news of the arrest was uploaded to the Instagram account, @pantai_lagundi_carita, Tuesday 4 July 2023.

“Alhamdulillah, it was handled quickly and responsively by the Sukajadi Village, Carita Police Chief, Carita District. Hopefully it won’t happen again,” wrote the account.

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In the posted video, it can be seen that the perpetrators of extortion are accompanied by village officials and the police.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator admitted that he and his colleagues extorted people from Carita beach.

“We are the owner of the pedestrian bridge in the Carita river channel, which went viral about extortion of five thousand,” said one perpetrator.

For the actions he has done, the perpetrator regrets and apologizes to the tourists who have been hit by him.

“Apologies profusely to the public and visitors to Carita beach tourism,” he said.

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