Approximately 10 thousand SLTP applicants, 913 applicants who are in doubt because of indications of falsifying student data – Proven to have committed fraud in entering residential address data, as many as 155 PPDB applicants in a number of favorite schools in junior high schools throughout Bogor City were crossed out by the PPDB Task Force team.

Finally, as many as hundreds of students were forced to look for private schools because they were certain they would not qualify.

“The number of zoning route participants who have been crossed out will continue to increase because the verification team is still working until the announcement on July 12,” said Bogor Mayor Bima Arya.

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Bima Arya said that of around 10,000 registrants at the junior high school level, there were 913 registrants who were in doubt because there were indications of falsifying student data.

Of this number, 763 of them have been verified at the location with the result that 155 committed fraud.

“From the indicated names we verified, found out of all those that had been checked as many as 155 registrants who did not comply. These were immediately removed from the zoning path registrants, automatically the lower ranking went up,” said Bima Arya.

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Of the hundreds of applicants who were crossed out, most were applicants at favorite junior high schools, namely SMPN 1, 2, 4 and 5. For SMPN 1 out of 490 applicants, 151 of them were students from the zoning route and around 30 percent were declared problematic.

Meanwhile, in SMPN 4, 15 percent had problems.

From the findings at the junior high school level, Bima also revealed findings for the PPDB at the high school level.

However, the findings will be reported to the West Java Provincial Government because it is the province’s authority.

In addition, it is different from the junior high school level which was immediately crossed out.

For the senior high school level, it turns out that this finding has no effect because of different authorities.

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