Adriaman Lase, ex-girlfriend of Anggi Anggraeni ‘MEWEK’ because of being asked to replace Fahmi Husaeni’s wedding expenses – Adriaman Lase, Anggi Anggraeni’s ex-boyfriend, cried because he had no money when he was asked to replace Fahmi Husaeni’s wedding expenses.

Fahmi Husaeni asked for compensation for the wedding costs because Adriaman left for 12 days with Anggi Anggraeni the day after Fahmi and Anggi got married.

Fahmi Husaeni and Anggi Anggraeni used to date when they both worked in Jakarta.

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Until finally, Anggi Anggraeni was found in the Bandung area with her ex-boyfriend, Adriaman Lase.

Adriaman Lase becomes a figure who must be responsible for the destruction of the newlyweds’ household.

Firmly, Fahmi Husaeni also divorced the woman he married.

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Unmitigated, even Fahmi Husaeni admits that he is willing if Adriaman Lase marries Anggi Anggraeni.

However, Fahmi Husaeni asked for the wedding expenses he had spent to be reimbursed immediately.

“If he loves Anggi go ahead, I’m sincere,” said Fahmi Husaeni quoted from Youtube KANG DEDI MULYADI CHANNEL.

Furthermore, Fahmi Husaeni also admitted that he had conveyed compensation regarding marriage costs before Anggi Anggraeni’s parents and Anggi Anggraeni’s ex-boyfriend.

“What I took out was returned, don’t ask for more,” said Fahmi Husaeni.

He said that the Anggi Anggraeni family would return the wedding fees that Fahmi Husaeni spent.

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