A family in Kranggan, Bekasi, consisting of a father, mother and two children, disappeared without news for almost two months

BONSERNEWS.com – It happened that a family in Kranggan, Jatisampurna, Bekasi, consisting of a father, mother and two children, disappeared without a word for almost two months.

But later they finally gave the news to relatives who were looking for their whereabouts.

The family previously reported missing consisted of husband, Kowim Firdaus (35).

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Then his wife, Givitri Sabatani Rotinsulu (34); and their two children, Ghaisan Akwa Firdaus (7) and Kaivan Abiya Firdaus (2).

“Dear brothers and friends, in the search for the whereabouts of my sister, Giva. Finally found a bright spot. Thank God, thank God they are in good condition,” said Natalia Rotinsulu, Givitri’s sister.

Natalia thanked the parties she considered helping.

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He also thanked the police.

“Thank you to all of you who cannot be mentioned one by one for helping spread it to the media. And thanks to the media, which is even wider than my environment. It can reach my sister,” he continued.

“A big thank you to the media and Resmob Polda Metrojaya who immediately responded to the news and acted quickly. Again, thank you,” he added.

Natalia Rotinsu said she felt relieved at least after hearing from Giva.

This relief, according to Natalia Rotinsulu, was also felt by her extended family.

“Returning from the beginning, I reported the disappearance of my sister and her family so that they could meet, at least they got news. Now it has materialized in the form of news, it has greatly relieved my extended family and me personally. Greetings,” he said.

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