3 Year Old Child Tests Positive for Drugs? How come? Let’s See Reviews and Full Explanations

BONSERNEWS.com – A heartbreaking incident occurred in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. A 3 year old boy tested positive for drugs.

“Wednesday night I coordinated with the Head of Nursing at the Mental Hospital. Finally, I was directed to check my urine. One hour after that the results came out, it turned out to be positive for methamphetamine (drugs),” said the Head of the East Kalimantan Women and Children’s Rapid Response Team for Protection of Women and Children (TRC PPA) Rina Zainun .

This happened when the child with the initial N was given a drink by his neighbor. He became hyperactive and could not sleep for several days.

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“The child is thirsty, and the neighbor brings drinking water in a bottle that is half full,” he explained.

“The symptoms are that he is active, doesn’t want to be quiet, keeps his mouth chattering and doesn’t want to sleep. At first his mother thought this child was possessed,” he said.

N was then taken to the hospital. He was also treated at the Abdul Wahab Sjahranie Hospital, Samarinda.

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“In the public hospital hospitalization was taken because the medical side was worried about the health of this child because the organs of the body were forced to stay up late and not eat,” he concluded.

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